Ireland were given a reminder today of what level they need to be at to compete with the best women's team in the game.

A disappointed Trent Johnston once again was critical of the teams bowling and fielding as the world champions from Australia racked up an impressive 191 for 4, with the mercurial Meg Lanning hitting 126 of those.

Johnston hinted at changes for the next game, saying that the four members of the panel who have not yet played are in line for selection and asked for the whole team to work hard, especially on their fielding.

Barry Chambers: Trent another defeat, and it was a pretty comprehensive innings by Meg Lanning. It showed you the standard you've got to aspire to in this game?

Trent Johnston: Yeah, that's why they're world champions. When someone like that gives you an opportunity on 40 you've got to take it, a simple catch, we dropped it. She got another 80 runs. That's the story, as it's been over the last few days.

Our bowling hasn't been good enough. Now having said that Elena Tice was outstanding today. Lucy O'Reilly bowled two wides and got hit for two fours off the seventh and eight ball of an over. But you take that away and she's bowled a great spell. So if our fourteen and sixteen year olds can step up, there's no reason why the rest of them can't.

So there's certainly going to be some changes for the next game. Our batting once again stood up to a very good Australian attack, got 120, so we've got to make some changes, and they'll be coming thick and fast for the next game against South Africa.

Barry Chambers: The fielding has been a bit disappointing, hasn't it, I mean that would have been one discipline you would have expected us to be very competitive in. Because they look good in training, but in the two games here, they've wilted a wee bit under pressure?

Trent Johnston: Yeah exactly right. And that's something that we have to work on, and continue to work on tomorrow and in between the games. We can only work on that and keep trying to be better. It's disappointing because we're getting ourselves into a situation potentially to take wickets, to effect run outs, and we're not executing what we need to be doing. So our bowling unit, our fielding unit needs to smarten up, because our batting unit is certainly doing that.

Barry Chambers: Yes, the batting has been very impressive, I mean we haven't looked out of place in any of the matches I've seen so far. They look as if they can get 120, 130, 140?

Trent Johnston: Yes, I suppose it's one area we've probably worked extra hard on since we've been home, and you know that's evidenced. So I suppose that what I'm saying there is that we have to work extra hard on our bowling and on our fielding.

It's quite difficult when you've got snow falling on the ground and you can't get outside at the North County and do fielding. So it would have been nice to have something before this tournament, so we could have focussed on the fielding.

But that's just reality. But at the end of the day, these girls are playing in a world cup, who knows if they'll be in another one. So our fielding shouldn't be at the standard that it is at the moment, and certainly should be a lot better.

Barry Chambers: And looking ahead, South Africa and Pakistan, you've played these before in January, that will be two games you'd have been targeting, because New Zealand and Australia were probably two of the favourites for this competition?

Trent Johnston: Yes, they would be, but you know I think that if we had held catches and if we had bowled like I know that we could bowl, we certainly would have had ourselves into a position to be more competitive in these first two games.

I think South Africa and Pakistan will take note on how we've progressed over the last two months. You know certainly Pakistan, you can hear them talking about the team hotel, but that certainly doesn't mean we're going to beat them.

We've got to work hard. We've got a two hour training session tomorrow. We've got a meeting at ten thirty, so we've got to sit down and speak honestly, we've got to be honest with each other, and that's what we're going to be. That's what we've been for the last two months, and I think that's why this team has developed so quickly, is that we've been that honest, and we've been, up front with each other.

And we're going to continue to do that. So a big day for the girls tomorrow. A big day for the four players that haven't played in the first two games. It's an opportunity for them to stand up, because like I said, I'm looking to make changes. And I think that the ball is going to be in their court, for them to go out there and have a good training session.