Ireland Skipper Isobel Joyce was again disappointed about the way the team fielded and bowled against a classy Australian outfit who took no mercy on the chances they were freely given by the Irish.

Australian number three batsman Meg Lanning hit a brilliant 126 with 18 fours and 4 maximums.

Joyce is looking forward to a better display against Pakistan and South Africa, teams which she thinks Ireland playing at their best can challenge and with a bit of luck on their side even beat.

Barry Chambers: Isobel a somewhat familiar story from the last game, missed chances and maybe the fielding not up to the standard you would expect?

Isobel Joyce: Yes, you can't give someone like Meg Lanning two or three bites at the cherry. We should have have had her out much earlier on in her innings. And someone like her is going to make you pay if you give her a second chance.

So I think, then it was difficult to come back from that. We dropped a few chances, and you know if your fielders aren't backing you up, it's very tough as a bowler to know where to bowl and what do to.

Barry Chambers: Saying that it was superb innings by Meg Lanning, she struck the ball in very conventional areas I suppose, but not something you always see in the woman's game, where the leg side tends to be dominant.

Isobel Joyce: Yes, it doesn't matter where you have your field if she's clearing the ropes, I suppose. And any kind of flight on the ball she really punished. She has very, very quick movement in the crease, so any width or if it was in her area, she definitely got onto it.

As I said, we should have had her out much earlier than that, and who knows it could have been the same story, they have a lot of batters. So it could have been someone else's day then. So you never really know. But we need to take wickets if we're going to keep the scores down. I think we went into the tournament knowing that, and we didn't do it again today.

Barry Chambers: You've got a very young attack, I mean at one stage the combined age was thirty years old. I mean that must be some sort of a world record, I would have thought, in an international game?

Isobel Joyce: It must be. Yeah it is a young attack, and I think we didn't probably bowl as well as we could have. But I wasn't that poor. You know still extras isn't too bad, it was a bit more than the other day, I think, which is something that we targeted to get down obviously. You can't be giving teams like this extra balls. And it's just a case of our fielders not backing the bowlers up enough, and not giving the batters a target that's chasable really for our team.

Barry Chambers: Now that was a pretty awesome attack, a few quick bowlers, and yet the batters all stood up and you did very well, nearly 120 again. That must give you some encouragement?

Isobel Joyce: Yeah well I mean we went into the game knowing what they bring to the table, again just like New Zealand. There's nothing funky really there. There's no huge pace. I think actually Firling is probably quicker than Perry, which probably surprised us a little bit. But that's about the only surprise that I had when I was out there.

They're certainly very smart, and they can bowl on a quarter. And I think that's probably the difference between, and their fielders obviously really really back up their bowling attack. So that's something that we just have to strive to get to.

Barry Chambers: Looking ahead though, these two games are gone now, but two very winnable games, and I'm sure two games you'll be targeting, South Africa and Pakistan. So it's not all lost yet?

Isobel Joyce: No I think the positives that we can really take is that we didn't face the two teams that are, you know, kind of more gettable first up. Because we're used to the facilities and all that kind of stuff now. We haven't played on a deck like that in a long time. It's great to bat out there. It's a joy to go out and bat. So it's something you can kind of look forward to. We know what Pakistan and South Africa will come with as well, and I think they'll be surprised by how much we've improved in the few months since we played them last. So hopefully yeah we will be able to, you know pick ourselves up by the bootstraps and target those two games.

Barry Chambers: Trent has talked about maybe making a few changes. Is that something Ireland will do for the next few matches?

Isobel Joyce: I haven't spoken to him about it. But I can see why he would want to make a few changes, if people aren't performing that have been given a lot of chances, you have to give the four other girls there that are itching to get out there, and if they offer a similar kind of thing, you have to give them that chance.

So it will just be a case of maybe changing like for like. I'm not sure. But if you have four players there, ready to come in, and they've been doing all the same kind of work, you have to think about changing up if it's not working.