Joyce happy with batting but disappointed with overall performance

Ireland Skipper Isobel Joyce had mixed emotions after her side's 42 run defeat to New Zealand. Disappointed with the way Ireland fielded and bowled but happy with the way the side batted.

She is looking forward to the rest of the competition and the chance to compete against the world's best.

Barry Chambers: Isobel what's the emotion in the changing room after that performance?

Isobel Joyce: I think it's a bit up and down. There were parts that were good, and probably more parts that weren't good. We didn't execute in the field or with the ball, probably 50%.

A few bowlers bowled well, and that's obviously a positive we're going to take into the next game. And I think our batting, the intent we showed and some of the shots and the way that we ran was definitely a positive. So we'll be trying to take the positives really, and just learn from the negatives.

Barry Chambers: Do you think it was a little touch of nerves out there, did the occasion get to a few of the players?

Isobel Joyce: I think possibly, personally when I get a bit nervous before a game, I know it's a good thing, and you just have to kind of try and get over it, and bowling the first ball of the game was tough for me. So it was easy for me to get rid of my nerves. Whereas if you know you've to wait six or seven overs to bowl, or till the second innings to bat, that's always a bit tougher. But hopefully the next game there won't be any nerves.

Barry Chambers: A few of your players, you did very well with the bat, as you said yourself, got a few runs, Claire Shillington, Cecelia, that must probably fill you all with a bit of confidence?

Isobel Joyce: Yes, you need your top six, you need three at least to fire, and one to make over forty, I think those are the stats, that's what the stats tell us. And I think a few bits and pieces here and there, and we could have got 130, 140. So if we had bowled and fielded better, we would have been in the game a bit more.

Barry Chambers: And of course it shows how far the team has come, maybe that you're disappointed that a team like New Zealand, that you haven't ran them closer?

Isobel Joyce: Yes well you know there's nothing really to fear when you're playing against these teams. We're prepared, we have the knowledge of what they're going to come at us with. And you know they're not going to bounce you out, they're not going to turn it square, they're not going to hit the ball out of the park six times out of six. So we just have to make sure that we are on the top of our game, and hopefully we'll turn over one or two of these teams.

Barry Chambers: Does T20 suit you better than 50 over, does it give teams a better chance?

Isobel Joyce: I think at the moment yes, because hopefully this team will stay together for a while, and twenty overs is the best time to come up with a plan. You know if someone is not going well, you just take the ball off them straight away, and you can turn around to someone else, and that's the kind of game it is. Whereas in the 50 overs, if you've got one or two who aren't doing well, it's ten overs of them, and they have to come back. So yeah Twenty20 is right for us right for us right now, but hopefully it won't take too long to bring it to 50.

Barry Chambers: And the beauty of this competition is that the games come thick and fast, there's not too long to dwell. You've got Australia and South Africa coming up?

Isobel Joyce: Exactly, I think we had a bit of a post mortem there, not too long, we don't really believe in that too much. But  hopefully the girls will be able to put it behind them, and I don't know what we'll get up to tonight, but probably just try and have a few laughs and think about the Australia game tomorrow.