Amidst all the euphoria after clinching yet another trophy at the weekend, there was genuine incredulity amongst the Irish camp that once again Paul Stirling had been overlooked when it came to the Player of the Tournament accolade.

The award went to Samiullah Shenwari of Afghanistan, who had a decent if not exactly spectacular competition, taking 16 wickets at an average of 8.25.

The flawed and frankly outdated system employed by ICC at this event, and previous ones, uses a 1-2-3 points system tallied from each of the matches, as judged by the umpiring team. It's hated by the players who can't abide the considerable delays caused by the process at the conclusion of matches.

Considering they pay a king's ransom to a statistics provider, this seems like  using an abacus when you have a calculator present - although given the furore over their misinformation to Scotland, maybe an alternative calculator would be in order!

CricketEurope have used their MVP formula to calculate Player of the Tournament at European competitions, where performances against the top teams are worth more than lesser teams - hence runs and wickets against Ireland and Afghanistan are worth more than those against the USA and Denmark.

Not surprisingly - for those with even a modicum of cricketing sense - Ireland's Paul Stirling emerged a clear winner on 1,511 points - well clear of Paras Khadka of Nepal in second, Scotland's Matt Machan in third, followed by Khurram Khan and Steve Tikolo.

Stirling scored 292 runs at an incredible strike rate of 148.98, took 11 wickets at an economy rate of just 5.58, and five catches and a run out.

Under the formula, similar to that employed by the ICC and PCA in their own rankings, Shenwari was down in 11th place!

Hopefully by the next qualifying tournament ICC will finally move into the modern world and make use of the technology at their disposal.

CricketEurope MVP rankings

  1. Paul Stirling IRE 1,511
  2. Paras Khadka NEP 1,241
  3. Matt Machan SCO 1,196
  4. Khurram Khan UAE 1,111
  5. Steve Tikolo KEN 1,107
  6. Carl Sandri ITA 1,065
  7. Tony Ura PNG 1,030
  8. Ashish Bagai CAN 1,013
  9. Wesley Barresi NED 999
  10. Gareth Berg ITA 994
  11. Samiullah Shenwari AFG 956
  12. Mohammad Shahzad AFG 953
  13. Steve Taylor USA 948
  14. Calum MacLeod SCO 948
  15. Ahsan Malik Jamil NED 948
  16. Munir Dar HKG 919
  17. Kevin O'Brien IRE 907
  18. Jimmy Hansra CAN 893
  19. William Porterfield IRE 857
  20. Richie Berrington SCO 815
  21. Nasir Aziz UAE 794
  22. Carl Williams NAM 791
  23. Subash Khakurei NEP 790
  24.  Jamie Atkinson HKG 759
  25. Mudassar Bukhari NED 754