The Jersey Cricket Board Development Team in conjunction with the PE department at HMP La Moye has embarked upon delivery of the ICC Introduction to Cricket Course to a group of 16 prisoners.

The 10 hour course is designed to equip coaches with the confidence to introduce players of all ages to the game, through a range of games and techniques in addition to an introduction to umpiring, scoring and working with players with disability.

The JCB is committed to working with people across a range of circumstances in the Island to improve their confidence, gain new skills and further themselves through learning to deliver the game of cricket.

Tom Webster (Head of PE at La Moye) is excited about the partnership with Jersey Cricket Board and has seen further benefits to this type of course. Tom has stated that

"education and sport can play a pivotal role in assisting prisoners on release; this course will develop other transferrable skills such as leadership, communication and teamwork that can be utilised in all aspects of work and life".

This course is ideal as it gives coaches the opportunity to work together to exchange and debate ideas in a safe and positive environment, allowing them to use their creativity and imagination to expand and design new games and ideas.

The feedback from Tom has been very positive: "During the first week it was fantastic to see the guys working cohesively in groups to adapt some fairly basic versions of modified cricket into games with a whole range of rules to encourage tactical thinking and increase involvement.

This was definitely a highlight of week one, as was watching one coach from each group deliver the 'improved' version of the game. After this, the group reviewed each game together, which gave each one the opportunity to speak and be heard, which was "great to see".

Delivering the course has been of great benefit to JCB staff as it has given them another opportunity to work with a range of different people in a different environment. As with every coaching environment there are challenges to face, but these will undoubtedly help us to develop as coaches and will provide a different experience to reflect more on what we do, which is always a good thing.

Tom Webster and his team have been first class to work with in getting the course up and running and assisting with the sessions and this partnership opens up another excellent avenue to exchange ideas.