The qualification process for this year's World Twenty20 in Sri Lanka had barely finished when it began all over again for the 2014 tournament in Bangladesh. Expanded to 16 teams, as the 2012 tournament was originally planned to be, qualification began in South Africa with the African Division Three tournament.

The tournament saw the debut in international cricket of St Helena, who had the sort of journey to the tournament that would not have been out of place in days of old. The island in the Atlantic Ocean, famed for being the final home of the exiled Napoleon Bonaparte, currently has no airport, so the players had to undertake a five-day sea journey to Johannesburg before catching a flight to Benoni.

The journey didn't have too bad an effect on the team, as they performed admirably, winning four games out of eight to finish fifth in the eight team tournament, before having to undertake the lengthy journey once again.

Zambia made a comeback to international cricket in this tournament, after an ICC suspension meant that they were kicked out of Division Two last year and subsequently relegated to this division.

And it was Zambia who eventually won the tournament, beating the Seychelles by five wickets in the final, and qualified for the Division Two tournament to take place this month.