FORMER Ireland captain Jason Molins has added his voice to the sceptical contingent who believe Cricket Ireland's pursuit of Test cricket for the men's team by the year 2020 is a mistake.

Molins told Sportsmail: "Test cricket is only a viable product in England where 20,000 plus will go to watch a game. A Test match in Ireland against Bangladesh or Zimbabwe or New Zealand would attract 200 people a day. So it just doesn't make sense.

"The shorter versions of the game are a more attractive proposition for all stakeholders - players, sponsors and supporters.

"Clearly it's important for us to protect ourselves from losing our best players to England. But do those players leave in order to play at the top level or is it because they want to maximise their earning potential within their chosen career?

"The ICC have an important role to play but we have to make sensible decisions with realistic goals. For me this isn't."