The ICC has announced the schedule and match officials for the upcoming Pepsi ICC World Cricket League Division 5 tournament which will be held in Singapore from 18 to 25 February.

Six teams will compete for the opportunity to finish in the top two of the event and gain promotion to Division 4 which will be held later in the year.

The competing countries are Argentina, Bahrain, Cayman Islands, Guernsey, Malaysia and hosts Singapore and the matches will play at three venues in the city - Kallang, Singapore Cricket Club and the Indian Association. Singapore also played host to WCL Division 6 in 2009.

The match officials for the event include Tony Hill of the Emirates Elite Panel of ICC Umpires. He will be part of a team of officials from seven countries. During his time with the match officials, Hill will also be acting as a mentor and helping to educate and guide the umpires throughout the tournament, as part of the ongoing ICC initiative for umpires development outside the Full Members. Former Sri Lanka Test bowler, Graeme La Brooy, will be the referee for the tournament.

The umpires are:
  • Steve Douglas (Bermuda)
  • Rockie D'Mello (Kenya)
  • N Srivan Narayanan (Malaysia)
  • Durga Subedi (Nepal)
  • Tony Hill (New Zealand)
  • Afzal Pathan (Oman)
  • Sri Ganesh (Singapore)

The full schedule is as follows:

  • 18 February
    • Singapore v Cayman Islands (Kallang)
    • Guernsey v Bahrain (Singapore CC)
    • Argentina v Malaysia (Indian Association)
  • 19 February
    • Argentina v Bahrain (Kallang)
    • Malaysia v Cayman Islands (Singapore CC)
    • Singapore v Guernsey (Indian Association)
  • 20 February
    • Rest/Reserve Day
  • 21 February
    • Malaysia v Singapore (Kallang)
    • Argentina v Guernsey (Singapore CC)
    • Cayman Islands v Bahrain (Indian Association)
  • 22 February
    • Guernsey v Malaysia (Kallang)
    • Bahrain v Singapore (Singapore CC)
    • Argentina v Cayman Islands (Indian Association)
  • 23 February
    • Rest/Reserve Day
  • 24 February
    • Cayman Islands v Guernsey (Kallang)
    • Argentina v Singapore (Singapore CC)
    • Bahrain v Malaysia (Indian Association)
  • 25 February
    • Final (Kallang)
    • 3rd-4th play-off (Singapore CC)
    • 5th-6th play-off (Indian Association)

All matches are scheduled to start at 0930 local time