Three weeks before the end of the season the players of Glostrup could celebrate their Danish championship by chucking a bucket of ice over their coach Ole Mortensen. This is the second time Glostrup have taken the Danish championship, the first happened in 2008 but that was a much more exciting affair where the championship was first won after an extra match. This year's championship has happened with two matches remaining and it can be compared to the earlier years domination in Danish cricket by Svanholm and Aalborg.

While Glostrup last year ended in the top three the side this year have received the services of Danish slow bowler Bashir Shah and the youth coach Scott O'Brien. This has certainly strengthened the team and with the development of the two Aftab brothers Glostrup have become too strong for the rest. On the Saturday Glostrup played against the northern Germany side Husum who are not normally well known for their away matches. Husum had obviously decided that the Saturday match was lost beforehand and they therefore concentrated to win the match on Sunday against the bottom side AB. Husum were bowled out for 67 in 28 overs and it only cost Glostrup three wickets to pass that score. Glostrup had also a match on Sunday against KB who are contending for a bronze medal. KB batted first and their star player Yassir Iqbal carried his bat as he scored 94 out of 165. Normally that is a fair score but it was no problem for Glostrup who only lost two wickets in passing that score in only 33 overs. Bashir Shah scored 48 while Shehzad Ahmed scored 51.

Svanholm who last week lost to KB are set to win the silver medals and they made sure they are still on track by defeating Norrebro. Svanholm opened with 210 for seven which turned out to be 32 runs more than Norrebro could handle. The bronze medal is still undecided and is a battle between KB and Herning. Herning didn't play this last weekend so the battle is set for next weekend.

Husum played against AB on Sunday and from the word go it was obvious Husum were set on making sure of staying in the division. The two Muller brothers put on a stand for the fifth wicket of 151 schools piled on 303 in the 50 overs.Hauke MUller who is now 47 and still looks like 32 scored 125 while brother Gerrit made 51. Of course 303 turned out to be too much for AB as they answered with 159. AB's defeat has practically made sure of relegation to the first division.

In the first division promotion has been decided as Esbjerg are undefeated and their nearest rival Skanderborg surprisingly lost to Fredericia. Esbjerg will now go straight to the elite division next year while Skanderborg will have to play against the second bottom side in the elite division which at the present moment will be Ishoj.