As a result of the total wash-out today in the ICC European Division 1 Championship matches will transfer to the Reserve Day on Thursday 21st July 2011.

In both Jersey and Guernsey should all three re-scheduled matches tomorrow morning produce a result then and only then would the matches originally due to be played this afternoon (Wednesday 20th July) be fully re-scheduled for the afternoon of Thursday 21st July.

However, if less than the three morning matches produce a result then the unresolved match(es) would be re-scheduled to the afternoon. If this situation occurs then the matches originally planned for the afternoon of Wednesday 20th July would all be declared a No Result and one point awarded to each team.

Due to the change in schedule and rearranged transport times in Jersey matches will start at 11:30, with venues remaining the same. In Group A the schedule remains unchanged.

Thursday morning's rescheduled matches:

Group A: Austria v Guernsey v (KGV, 1100); Gibraltar v Italy (College Field, 1100); Croatia v Norway (Port Soif, 1100)

Group B: Israel v Germany (FB Fields, 1130); France v Denmark (Grainville, 1130); Belgium v Jersey (Farmers, 1130)

Provisional afternoon fixtures:

Group A: Gibraltar v Croatia (KGV, 1600); Norway v Austria (College Field, 1600); Guernsey v Italy (Port Soif, 1600)

Group B: Germany v Belgium (FB Fields, 1600); France v Israel (Grainville, 1600); Jersey v Denmark (Farmers, 1600)