ICC-Europe Div 1 T20 Jersey  2011

Final Schedule of matches

Tuesday 19 July

11.00     LQ           Jersey                   v              Germany                             Jersey to go on to GRAINVILLE

11.00     GR          Denmark             v              Israel                                     Denmark to go on to FB

11.00     FB           France                  v              Belgium                               France to go on to LQ

16.00     FB           Denmark             v              Belgium

16.00     LQ           Germany             v              France                                 

16.00     GR          Jersey                   v              Israel

Wednesday  20 July

11.00     FB           Germany             v              Israel                                     Israel go on to GR           

11.00     GR          France                  v              Denmark                             Denmark go on to Farmers                         

11.00     Farm      Jersey                   v              Belgium                               Belgium  go on to FB

16.00     GR          France                  v              Israel    

16.00     FB           Germany             v              Belgium

16.00     Farm      Jersey                   v              Denmark

Thursday 21 July                               Reserve Day

Friday 22 July

11.00     Farm      Denmark             v              Germany

11.00     FB           France                  v              Jersey

11.00     LQ           Israel                     v              Belgium

Saturday 23 July                                                                               Sunday 24 July

11.00     A1           v              B2                                           10.00                      3rd/4th Place play off                      14.00     Final

11.00     A2           v              B1                                           10.00                     5th/6th place play off

11.00     A3           v              B4                                           10.00                     7th/8th place play off

11.00     A4           v              B3                                           10.00                     9th/10th place play off

11.00     A5           v              B6                                           10.00                     11th/12th place play off

11.00     A6           v              B5                                           LQ2 not required on Sunday