The Danish cricket season has always been built up around the fact that July is a holiday month and also many of the following tournaments are also played in July. There are not enough Danish cricketers in the clubs to sustain playing league matches in July while the national side is playing and several players are away on holiday. July is also the month where clubs used to go on tour. So the Danish season is always built up of two halves -before July and after July.

Looking at the league table of the elite division we can see that the championship this season will be a two horse race. A battle between two rivals whose home grounds are very close together-Glostrup and Svanholm. Glostrup have won all their seven matches and are now clear favourites to take the championship. However it is not that long ago they were in the same position and yet after the summer recess completely fell apart and were overtaken. But the side is in the process of transition with the introduction of new players and it will be a point of focus to see if they can succeed in with holding the challenge from rival Svanholm. Svanholm has a very talented and very young side and they can only get better. Glostrup and Svanholm have met once with Glostrup being the victor. We can only look forward to them meeting again at the end of the season.

While the top is a two horse race the battle for relegation is much wider with four teams now in danger. AB are bottom with only one victory but the side is not that bad at all, they just haven't had the luck. Last year Husum were bottom for most of the season and only escaped relegation by the skin of their teeth, but this season it's a different matter. They have already four victories under their belt and this is mostly due to them being able to have a stable team. Gerrit Muller is not playing football any more and is therefore available for all matches and has contributed greatly to the batting. Another player who has matured in his later years is the captain Jurg Kruger. He has become quite dangerous with the bat scoring quickly but he has been absent for three matches due to an unfortunate accident as a wicket-keeper. Fingers are also crossed for Ishoj who were promoted last year. They have done pretty well this season despite the fact that their best batsmen has been out injured all season.

Last year's champions Herning have disappointed this year with only five victories to their name. But this season a couple profiles are missing including the former Danish captain Carsten Pedersen. Therefore Herning have been struggling with their batting with only the present Danish captain Michael Pedersen making any ground.

In the first division we again have a two horse race. Promotion will be decided between Skanderborg and Esbjerg who both have been i the Elite division for several years, and it is possible that both teams can be promoted. They are way ahead of any other side so there is not very much excitement. For the first time a new rule has come into action. No club is supposed to play in the top two divisions without having a youth side playing. Aalborg have not been able to put out a youth side this season so they have had four points deducted before the start of the season. They have managed to win two matches so now they are bottom with no points at all. Kolding have not been able to continue their success from last season and have won only two matches, but then they had to start the season playing all the tough opposition. Kolding however have been able to obtain the services of South African coach-player James Bosenberg. He has made an impact with the bat scoring three centuries which no other player in the Danish league has done this year.