Over the period of four days 15 matches were played with the participation of Denmark I and II, Belgium, Switzerland, the Netherlands and Luxembourg. The tournament ended with the expected and planned final between Denmark and the Netherlands, which turned out to be an exciting match where the Dutch finally won by five runs. The tournament was completed despite the fact that Copenhagen was hit by the worst downpour on record with 7 inches of rain falling within one hour. The whole centre of Copenhagen was flooded and that meant t many of the roads were impassable.

The Danes started their campaign in the tournament rather disappointingly by losing by eight wickets to Belgium who really didn't succeed in the tournament at all later on. Denmark however followed up by beating Switzerland by five wickets, defeating Luxembourg by three wickets and also beating Denmark's second team by eight wickets. Denmark's team was dominated by three players. The first was Mads Henriksen who is the son of former Lancashire player Soren Henriksen and he dominated the batting and the bowling while Jannik Wiese helped on the batting and finally the leg spinner Toke Larsen took three wickets in two matches and ended up with seven wickets in all while Mads took six.

Denmark's second team had a terrible start against the Dutch but improved their game and very nearly tied against Switzerland if it wasn't to the fact one of the batsmen had not run one short on one of the last balls. But the team did have a couple of profiles with Glostrup's Thomas Page impressing with 27 and taking four for 27 in one of the matches, while Svanholm's Siaf Ahmed made 52 against Belgium.

As to show some on the problems the host ran into during the downpour one can look at the example with the Danish driver GŁnther who stopped at a petrol station the day after the bad weather to fill up the tank. He then drove only 10 yards before the engine passed out. It turned out that the pump from which he had taken the diesel had been infiltrated by the water masses and therefore his bus was running on a mixture of water and diesel. Now that is quite destructive so it was necessary to request another bus from a different source. It turned out to be quite a job to get the foreign players back to the airport. Several of the main roads to the airport was blocked by flooding, so everybody had to have a large amount of patience but everybody caught their flights.

Friday 1st July 2011,
Denmark 122/10 v Belgium 123/2
Holland 152/5 v Switzerland 148/5
Switzerland 142/2 v Belgium 131/7
Denmark II 91/4 v Holland 225/2

Saturday 2nd July 2011
Denmark I 103/7 v Luxembourg 102/5
Holland 90/2 v Belgium 89/10
Denmark I 73/2 v Denmark II 72/8
Luxembourg 98/4 v Holland 100/7

Sunday 3rd July 2011, T20
Denmark l 75/5 v Switzerland 74/10
Luxembourg 80/5 v Denmark II 79/8
Switzerland 110/8 v Luxembourg 109/2
Belgium 113/6 v Denmark II 112/5

Monday 4th July 2011, T20
Switzerland 89/10 v Denmark II 87/6
Belgium 138/6 v Luxembourg 139/2
Denmark l 100-4 v Holland 105-7

Holland 5 5 - 10 1,9132
Denmark 1 5 4 1 6 1,1356
Switzerland 5 3 2 6 0,7258
Luxembourg 5 2 3 4 2,1096
Belgium 5 2 3 4 0,6651
Danmark 2 5 5 0 -