NatWest Indoor Cup Match Results

Division 3

1st Round

Walkovers "B" beat Lutea Mavericks by 6 wickets

Jersey Post beat Sloggers by 5 wickets


JJCA2 beat Walkovers "B" by 3 wickets

St John beat Jersey Post by 3 wickets

Final between JJCA2 and St John at 6pm on 18th April at Fort Regent

Division 2

1st Round

Phoenix Knights beat Jersey Seniors by 4 wickets

JUBRFC beat Farm.Caes.Juniors


Phoenix Knights beat JUBRFC by 3 wickets

Pentagon beat Centurions

Final between Phoenix Knights and Pentagon at 7pm on 18th April at Fort Regent

Division 1

1st Round

Farm.Caes. beat Infrasoftech Walkovers "A" by 29 runs

JJCA1 beat Aztec Springfield


JJCA1 beat Ratbones OV's

Farm.Caes. beat Arnchair (scratched)

Final between JJCA1 and Farm.Caes. at 8pm on 18th April at Fort Regent