InfrasoftTech World Cricket Challenge

InfrasoftTech Walkovers are organising a world cricket challenge in aid of the Teenage Cancer Trust on Sunday 1st May at the FB Fields.

There will be four teams in the event with a Jersey XI, England XI, India XI and South Africa XI battling to become the inaugural challenge winners. The four teams will be made up of local cricketers that play weekend and evening league cricket.

The Twenty20 matches will take place on pitch 1 and 2 and will be played using the ICC rules and regulations which should lead to plenty of runs being scored and entertaining cricket throughout the day. The players will be wearing coloured clothing and using white balls.

Fixtures for the tournament:

Start                      FB1                                                         FB2

10am                     Jersey XI vs India XI                         England XI vs South Africa XI

1.30pm                 Jersey XI vs South Africa XI          England XI vs India XI                     

5pm                       Jersey XI vs England XI                   South Africa vs India XI


There will be a DJ playing music to add to the atmosphere and spectators are welcome to bring a picnic and refreshments. There will be plenty of parking available and there will not be an entrance fee but spectators will be asked to make a donation, and all proceeds will go to the Teenage Cancer Trust who are devoted to improving the lives of teenagers and young adults with cancer.

This challenge is an opportunity for the Jersey public to sample T20 cricket before Jersey host the first ever European Division 1 T20 tournament from July 19th to July 24th. The top two teams out of the 12 international teams competing qualify for the next round to be played in early 2012 - only one step away from the T20 World Cup! The cricket promises to be colourful and exciting and well worth watching.

Jersey XI squad: Bradley Vautier (capt), Richard Anthony, Ben Beeley, Nick Dingle, Mark Chipperfield, Ian Crocker, Nigel Crocker, Matt Hanley, Olly Meaton, Simon Pugsley, Jamie Smith

England XI squad: Daniel Coyne (capt), Peter Blackburn, Jamie Brewster, Andrew Coley, Paul Connolly, Gemma Dunning, Jon Evans, Charlie Franks, Dave Jenkins, Rob Sanford, Mark Saralis, Sam Taylor

India XI squad: Yezdi Patel (capt), Lee Attree, Phil Ashley, Virendra Barbate, Anirudha Bhattacharya, Julian Brien, Mahendra Gupta, Ram Harihara, Damian Jepson, Tom Kearns, Anil Kumar, Phil Maletroit, Trevor Moore, Jimit Parrikh, Rakesh Shukla,

South Africa XI squad: Hansie Vosser (capt), Corne Bodenstein, Iain Cannan, Bryan Coughtrie, Kristian Gorman, Elliott Griffiths, Barry Parsons, Helious Pretorius, Ashley Scott, Craig Swart