Copenhagen, 1st - 3rd April 2011
The past few months in Denmark has again seen many changes from Grass Roots to the World Cricket League Arena. Once again over a jam packed weekend in Copenhagen the DCF hosted their first ever ECB Club Coach Assessments for six coaches and welcomed fifteen prospective new ECB/UKCC Level 2 coaches from around Europe and Denmark. Tutors for the course were again David Gelling and Danish National Coach, Simon Talbot.

Friday evening saw six candidates arrive from around Denmark to finish their ECB Club Coach net and video analysis assessments, and as they finished a further Eleven coaches from all over Denmark and five extras from the Czech Republic and Spain attended the third ECB/UKCC Level II course at the magnificent sports facilities at the House of Sport in Copenhagen, Schneekloth Hallen and Svanholm Cricket Club in Brøndby. All present were run through the new ECB syllabus, learning 'What to and How to' coach as well as run different small sided games and coaching activities over the duration of the weekend. Many Danish Clubs were represented on the course, and as Spanish Coach Neil Dellabrook explains. 'It has been great to visit Copenhagen as a guest of DCF, the weekend has been a great learning opportunity for all of us here on the course as well as a great social one as well. We are in the process of setting up lots of new projects in Spain, and the course here has given us the perfect introduction to how to deliver the foundation of coaching both at the club and with local schools where we hope to recruit our players of the future'.

DCF National Coach, Simon Talbot, again highlighted the importance of the ICC - Europe Programme in Denmark. 'We are simply a part of the huge picture that is ICC - Europe Cricket Development. The Coach Education programme here in Denmark is essential to the continued development of the game here, and indeed in and around the Region. It has been fantastic to have some guest coaches here in Denmark this time around, they really did help to strengthen the course itself. With the continued help of ICC Europe and in particular FBT David Gelling, we are now in a position where we have a lot of coaches out in our clubs and schools promoting this wonderful game. The work does not stop here either, we will be out helping our coaches in the field this summer with supported practice, and the course will be completed here in Copenhagen in October this year. We are also planning to run a further Level I course in Vejle in November, so it's a pretty busy time in coach education her in Denmark'. 'The future of the game is in 'Safe hands' with the support we receive from ICC Europe. It is up to us now to go out into the Danish cricket world and make sure that we maintain the standards we have all learnt over the last year!'