Ireland coach Phil Simmons has blasted the ICC following their decision yesterday to restrict the 2015 competition to just the ten full members, thus excluding Ireland and their fellow Associates.

Ireland, currently ranked 10th in the ICC rankings, have been overlooked, with lower ranked Zimbabwe being allocated the final spot.

The decision was ratified not surprisingly by the Full Members themselves, who have shown themselves to be unfit for purpose or governance. 

Simmons blasted the decision saying: "It is a dark day for cricket but a great day for greed and fear! It is hard to find words to describe this despicable decision made by some who want to keep things among themselves and some who fear us."

"There can be no cricketing reasons for this decision, as we answered the cricket question,  the television rating question,  and we are 10th ranked nation in the world - so what else is needed?

"I`m afraid the next World Cup will be like the American World Series - you are crowned World Champions but the world did not take part - congratulations to India on winning the last real World Cup."

"Finally - congratulations to ICC for pulling the game we love back ten years!"

Ireland are currently in discussions with their fellow Associates and Affiliates about the avenues of action left open to them following the shameful ruling by ICC.