If competing in their first international tournament wasn't challenging enough for the Republic of Korea national cricket team, they now have been forced to train in the snow in preparation for the hot humid conditions that lie ahead in Samoa at next month's ICC East Asia-Pacific Division 2 Trophy.

The less than ideal training conditions is just one of the many challenges facing the Korean side that will be making their International debut when they take on tournament hosts Samoa on the 4th of April.

"It has not been easy," said their captain Hwayeon Lee. "All of our players and staff are either fulltime students or have fulltime jobs and therefore, have lots of other commitments as well as cricket."

"However, for the next five weeks or so, we have each made cricket our top priority and number one focus," he said.

Despite the cold weather and challenges associated with training in the snow, Lee says the commitment of his team has been unquestionable in the lead up to the biggest week in the history of Korean Cricket.

"Being the passionate team that we are, most members have shown up to training ready and wearing parkas and mittens," he said. "Whatever the weather conditions are, we run track to warm up before practice."

With no previous benchmark set at International level for the Republic of Korea, the team is keeping their expectations in Samoa realistic with the main aim to use the tournament as an opportunity for each player to develop their skills.

"We fully understand our current position in International cricket and therefore we would like to prove our passion rather than our skill or ability," said Lee. "This will be a great learning curve for us, and we are hoping to develop more competence and competitiveness for the future."

Lee also says that his team has nothing to lose in Samoa and will be aiming to return home having achieved something that his country can be proud of.

"Many people in Korea still don't know what cricket is, so we consider this as a stepping stone for further development in Korea," he said.