The Under 15s travel to the Netherlands for the European U15 tournament.

The Under 12s travel to Bryanston for a county festival - Grant Donaldson, Massimi Furness, Harry Jones, James Le Breton, Solomon Warner, Robert Duckett, William Giles, William Kaye, Josh Le Cornu, Charlie Ellam, Jonty Jenner, Isaac Le Breton and Graham Noel.
Managers: Doug Ferguson and Ward Jenner. Coach: Lee Meloy.

The Under 11s travel to Guernsey to play two matches in the Inter County Development competition - Jonathan Heward, Harrison Carlyon, Gus Brewer, Ben Tait, David Bourne, Angus Drummond, James Dempsey, Kai Herridge, George Moore, William Packman, Matthew Donaldson and Edward Giles. Manager: Tom Wherry. Coach: John Borg

The U17s travel to Dublin for 3 matches vs Ireland U17s as part of the U17 Challend series - Aidan McGuire, Corne Bodenstein, Alex Cooke, Paul McAfferty, Richard Sinel, Michael Medway, Charles Fricker, Corey Bisson, William Falle, William Southall, Jake Dunford, Daniel Kearns and Michael Renouf. Coaches: Craig Hogan and Ryan Driver.