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More internationals and a summer of fitness training await Bermuda's international cricketers.

While next month's UAE games may be the last official fixtures on the national team's calendar for the year, head coach David Moore already has other games in the pipeline.

Trips to Canada and the Southern Hemisphere are likely to follow, while traditional trips, such as participation in the Garfield Sobers Tournament in the West Indies, could well end up getting scrapped.

It is all part of Moore's plan to maximise the resources at his disposal while getting in the best possible preparation for the qualifying tournaments that Bermuda will play in next year.

"You can't run a national cricket team with games running out in July," said Moore. "I haven't got anything on the table but I know Canada have asked us to be part of a bi-lateral (series). And obviously they may be able to get other people as well, and so we'll certainly go up to Canada.

"Obviously working towards 2011 when we have more qualifiers on, I need to get more stuff done before Christmas or around Christmas. So I'll be looking to go somewhere warmer, Southern Hemisphere probably, not necessarily South Africa, I don't know where it will be, maybe Asia or somewhere like that."

And Moore could also end up taking his side to Dubai in November to coincide with the final of the Intercontinental Shield tournament, which is likely to feature Namibia and Uganda.

"Anywhere it is warm, and the wickets are good, that's all I'm interested in," said Moore. "Obviously the budget will be determined by that but we need a lot more games to play. You can see how we were improving and our fitness let us down.

'We need to test our fitness so they'll be playing back-to-back games to see who can get through that, but also just in regards to the quality of oppostion, we really need to embrace better teams, and take them on."

And it won't just be the senior team that has its approach to internationals changed. Moore's overhaul of the national set-up will include the youth teams as well.

"Canada have actually approached us about bi-laterals from under-15s up," he said, "and that may solve a few of our problems about sending teams down to the Caribbean when we can send them to teams we are actually going to play.

"I think we need to really rationalise our development programme and find out where the money is being spent, and make the best use of our money. And sometimes those Island trips are very expensive because we have to go to the States before we can get down there."

Bermuda's cricketers will also see their summer undergo something of an overhaul as well. In the past they may well have been left to their own devices once games had finished. That won't be the case this time.

Moore has already begun his search for a national fitness coach and will ensure that every moment of a player's time is controlled and monitored.

"I don't know who it'll be yet," said Moore. "But I'm going to investigate people on the Island. I know the cricket board have used people before and there is one person I do have in mind, depending on their other commitments, but it's well and truly open for tender.

"We'll search around, and hopefully get the people we want, but definitely, definitely looking for someone to run a programme rather than have our guys go to the gym and leave it up to themselves.

"All the training programmes that we are going to do from now on are going to be very controlled.

"They'll have a little off-season from international cricket and then we'll certainly start. There'll be netting, there'll be organised and controlled fitness groups, and nothing will be left up to chance, nothing."