The Bermuda Cricket Board can confirm that Malachi Jones has been dropped from the National Team for disobeying National Team protocol which stated that national players were not to play for their domestic club on Sunday 30 May. Due to ICC rules the team will complete the tournament with only 13 players.

Mr. David Moore, National Coach stated, "I am extremely disappointed and surprised that one player would not only let the team down but Bermuda as well. The purpose of the rest day is recover and regenerate from injuries to be able to continue in the tournament at optimum level."

In addition, Mr. Moore stated, "I would like to personally thank all clubs for supporting the national team and following Board directive. International cricket is very important for the future of Bermuda cricket and we can not improve without the partnership and co-operation of all involved."

Mr Reginald Pearman stated, "On behalf of the Board we are extremely disappointed to note this development and we agree and support the coach and team management's decision that the appropriate action has been taken."