A former Luxembourg international cricketer isn't perhaps the first person you'd think would be standing in this week's UK general election, but that's exactly what is happening in the Southend West constituency in Essex.

Peter Welch played for Luxembourg in the 2003 ECC Trophy (now division three of the European Championship) in Austria, after spending a number of years working in the country.

He played in five of Luxembourg's matches in that tournament, two of them as wicket-keeper, scoring 24 runs and taking two catches. It wasn't a successful tournament for Luxembourg, as they finished eleventh and last. They currently play in Division Four of the European Championship, and finished fourth in Cyprus last year.

Speaking to CricketEurope about his brief sojourn into international cricket Peter said, "I have long been a cricket enthusiast. I first came to the Southend area where I am now standing for parliament as a cricketer. In the late 1980s, early 1990s I played for an East London club - East Ham Corinthians. East Ham Corinthians played a lot of their fixtures around Essex. Their big claim to fame was that Graham Gooch had played his first adult games of cricket for them. But he had moved on well before I got there.

"In the years running up to the 2003 ICC tournament I was working on the problems in the EU accounts - a part of the team finding all the things going wrong, and making recommendations to correct them. I played most of my cricket in Luxembourg in those years, so I qualified for the national team when the tournament came up. As they were a bit short behind the stumps, I played as a wicket-keeper. We had some talented cricketers - including at least one former minor counties player. But we didn't exactly shine in the tournament.

"The one thing that sticks in my mind was an appeal for a stumping I had turned down - he was out by a yard!"

If he is elected on Thursday he will not be the first person to have played for a non-test country to be elected into office.

The first was probably Malachy Bowes Daly. He played twice for Canada in 1874, having previously scored the first ever century in Canada in 1858 during a match in Halifax, Nova Scotia. He was MP for Halifax from 1878 until 1887 and was Lieutenant Governor of Nova Scotia from 1890-1900.

There have been more since, but the most notable is probably Kamisese Mara, who was president of Fiji from 1993 until 2000, having previously played cricket ten times for Fiji including two first-class matches. He captained them to a famous 28 run win over the West Indies in 1956.