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This month's ICC Americas Regional Championship in Bermuda will be televised for the first time.

In a global first for the event, Bermuda Cricket Board have signed an exclusive deal with local station Fresh TV, who will provide live coverage of at least one match a day, plus a highlights package in the evening.

The matches are also likely to be streamed live over the internet, with the BCB and ICC websites likely to carry the games.

"This will be a first for an ICC Development event, and the ICC have been very pleased to hear that we are doing this," said BCB vice-president Allan Richardson. "We are delighted to be holding the event here in Bermuda, and it has been a challenging task to do so, particularly within the constraints of the ICC's budget.

"The ICC had recommended and set a certain budget. They based that budget primarily on when they had this tournament in Canada and the United States. Now obviously the hotel and transport there is a lot cheaper, a lot cheaper. But we've haggled back and forth and reached a happy medium right now."

The format for the tournament, which runs from May 28 to June 4, will see two groups of three teams play a round-robin format, with the final on June 4 when the third and fourth placed teams will also play against each other.

With three matches a day due to be played, the BCB have been looking at potential venues across the Island to host the games alongside the National Sports Centre, where Bermuda are likely to play most of their games.

St David's Cricket Club will almost certainly be involved. However, the problem for the BCB is that most of the other grounds are just too small for international cricket.

"We have looked at St David's and Bailey's Bay," confirmed Richardson. "We're also looking at Somerset, and we also looked at Southampton Rangers, St George's and Western Stars. We're in the process of confirming some, and we're looking at others now."

Following on from the end of the tournament, the six teams - Argentina, Bermuda, Bahamas, Canada, Cayman Islands, and USA - will then play a Twenty20 tournament at the National Sports Centre on June 5-6.