Zambia have won WCL Africa Division Two in South Africa after going unbeaten throughout the tournament.

After rain almost entirely washed out the first two days, Zambia beat Swaziland, Malawi, Ghana and, in the last match of the tournament, Mozambique.

Zambia will now prepare for division eight of the World Cricket League, to be held in Kuwait in December. It will be an eight team tournament, with the teams relegated from division seven - Suriname and Gibraltar - being joined by hosts Kuwait and a qualifier from each of the five ICC Regions.

The qualifier from Asia, by virtue of being the only team in the ACC Trophy Elite division not already in the WCL, was Bhutan. From EAP, Vanuatu qualified by winning the EAP Trophy, and Bahamas qualified by winning division two of the Americas Championship.

Zambia have now qualified by winning this Africa division two tournament, and one more team will qualify after division two of the European Championship in Guernsey in July. With Guernsey, Gibraltar and Norway already in the World Cricket League structure in that tournament, the eighth and final place in WCL8 will be one of France, Germany or Israel.

Zambia have also theoretically qualified for an African Division One tournament, but ICC Africa have never been able to organise that tournament.

One highlight of the tournament was the bowling performance of E Sauerman for Swaziland against Malawi. He took 8-31, the third highest bowling performance in officially recognised associate/affiliate cricket, with Nepal's Mahaboob Alam topping the chart with his 10-12 against Mozambique in WCL5 in 2008. Alam also has second place on the list. There has been one better better bowling performance in ODIs, and three better in unofficial internationals.