Lima, Peru, and the historic Lima Cricket & Football Club, was the venue for the 2nd South American U13 Championship that took place from April 9th to April 12th. The hosts participated for the first time, along with Argentina and Chile, both in their second event.

The format chosen was a double round T20, followed by a final on Sunday between those who finished in the top two spots of the round robin phase.

As expected, the final put Chile and Argentina face to face after they beat each other once on the first part of the tournament. This time it was to be Chile's game, based on a very good batting performance led by Australian born Tim Gayfer (60 runs) enabling Chile to reach 120 runs in the final. This proved to be too many for the Argentines who could only score 80 runs before being bowled out.

With this 49 run victory, Chile obtained their first South American title at any level, and a very well deserved one.

This tournament will be repeated next year, probably in Chile, the new defending champions.

All Argentina results were as follows:

Round Robin:

Match #1
Peru (24 all out, J.MacGaw 3-2-3-4) lost to Argentina (25 x 1, M.Lado 10 not out) by 9 wickets

Chile (99 x 6, I.Pizzo 4-0-13-2) beat Argentina (78 all out, P.Bisio 20) by 21 runs  

Peru (31 all out, I.Pizzo 4-2-6-5) lost to Argentina (34 x 4) by 6 wickets

 Chile (107 x 8, J.MacGaw 2-0-11-2) lost to Argentina (108 x 3 G.Husain 42 not out) by 7 wickets

Chile (149 x 8 M.Lado 4-0-32-2) beat Argentina (100 all out, M.Peralta 24) by 49 runs.