Toronto's South Asian Post reports that Cricket Canada is facing an embarrassing situation after its former CEO, Atul Ahuja, filed a lawsuit for more than $50,000 in unpaid salary.

Ahuja was fired by the then Cricket Canada president Ben Sennik in January 2009, but last week filed a lawsuit claiming some $50,000 in outstanding salary plus interest as well as court legal costs.

Ahuja told the paper

"This is too much? I have been waiting for 14 months. They had been unprofessional in their approach and always dishonoured their deadlines and promises about settlement."

The current Cricket Canada president Ranjit Saini, refused to comment on the subject due to the sensitivity of legal matters. Ahuja added

"That's not a joke, I have been waiting to get my dues for the last 14 months. I was informed that they will settle it before the AGM [annual general meeting held in Calgary March 19-20], but when he [president Saini) didn't I had no option left but to sue them.

"They had discussion with me on the issue and they had taken it round and round, but it is no longer a street talk."

Last week Ahuja sent an open letter to the Canadian federal government, the International Cricket Council, as well as the media and raised a long list of issues of serious concern regarding the governance of cricket in Canada including lack of sponsorship and infrastructure, the constitution and the development programs. He also highlighted the matter of his pending dues.

The former CEO said that he had waited a long time in good faith just for preserving the good name of cricket, but unfortunately this lawsuit was the only solution.