The historic annual three-day North v South match gets underway at the Hurlingham Club tomorrow, and hopefully the crazy summer weather which has dumped unlimited amounts of rain on Buenos Aires will stay clear for the next three days at least.

First played in 1891, the North v South three day match is an institution in Argentine cricket, and perhaps even in world cricket, and for locals it is the most important game of the year. Over 110 encounters, South have won 45, North have won 26, and there have been 39 drawn games.

It looks like 2010 game, the “Nelson” match, being played for the 111th time, will be an evenly balanced contest on what promises to be an excellent Hurlingham wicket, and it may swing on a little bit of luck here and there, depending which way the famous Nelson cricket curse falls.

After last year's game ended within two days, there will be much emphasis on batsmen occupying the crease, and everyone is looking forward to a tough traditional battle over three full days.

Play starts at 10.30am each day, with close of play scheduled for 6.15pm. A minimum of 105 overs have to be bowled each day.


Gary Savage (Hurlingham) (Captain), Alejandro Ferguson (Belgrano) (Vice-Captain), Conway Young (ACA), Gabriel Gonzalez Sutil (Hurlingham / Bede's), Pablo Ferguson (Belgrano), Michael Quinn (Belgrano), Alejo Tissera (Belgrano), Martin Hemmingsen (Hurlingham), Esteban Nino (Belgrano), Hernan Fennell (Belgrano) and Paras Tulsiani (Belgrano)


Esteban MacDermott (Lomas) (Captain), Tomas Francis (St.Alban's) (Vice-Captain), Matias Paterlini (St.Alban's), Charles Gibson (St.George's), Bernardo Irigoyen (Lomas), David Mauro (Lomas), Lucas Paterlini (St.Alban's), Grant Dugmore (St.Alban's), Diego Lord (Lomas), Agustin Husain (St.Alban's) and Santiago Irigoyen (Lomas)