The ICC announced on Tuesday an internal investigation into the events surrounding the Pepsi ICC World League Division 5 match at Tribhuvan University Ground, Kathmandu between home side Nepal and the United States of America (USA).

The ICC media release continues:

'The match, which was interrupted by unruly crowd behaviour, was won by the USA but the subsequent net run-rate calculations meant that Nepal qualified for promotion to Pepsi ICC World League Division 4 along with the USA, just ahead of Singapore.

'The ICC will investigate firstly whether the event technical committee correctly applied and interpreted the tournament regulations and, secondly, the nature of the security breach at the ground.

'Imran Khwaja, the chairman of the Singapore Cricket Association, said: I have spoken with the ICC and I am satisfied with the course of action that they are pursuing.

'ICC will announce the findings of the investigation in due course.'

The Singapore Cricket Association immediately responded positively to this news. In a statement the Association said:

'The Singapore Cricket Association is pleased that this step has been taken. We would have been seen to have abdicated our responsibility if we did not pursue this matter on behalf of both the Singapore team and well as for cricket in general. The public outcry was loud enough to be heard and we are pleased that there will be an inquiry.

'The SCA remains committed to assisting the inquiry in every way possible so that the full facts are put before the inquiry committee and an informed decision made. We remind that Singapore's cricketers did not put one foot wrong in this whole episode but nevertheless faced the brunt from the acts on the unforgettable day of 25 Feb 2010. We were complete non-participants to the saga.

'All we hope for is that a just outcome is reached and that the integrity of the WCL Division 5 competition is restored.'