Rain in Jersey two years ago stopped the Singapore team from qualifying to WCL Division 4. Afghanistan went on to win the tournament and their journey to ODI status had begun.

After the tournament, the Singapore Cricket Association development committee, chaired by deputy President Mahmood Gaznavi took all the steps necessary to prevent the uncontrollable events from effecting the team's progress.

Mahmood Gaznavi said, “We brought down Trevor Chapple for the Division 6 tournament and Marvan Atapattu for the Division 5 tournament and made sure that our team had adequate preparation for both tournaments but now with an incident like this, where the crowd attributed to the demise of Singapore, it is really irritating and disappointing.”

The crowd had ruined Singapore's chances and nothing could be done. Sanity did not prevail on that fateful day in Nepal and the event had an adverse effect on Singapore's position.

Speaking to some of the upset players upon their return to Singapore, they were gravely effected when recollecting the events that took place on the day.

Riaz Altaff Hussien said that the team was put on an emotional roller coaster after the win against Jersey. He said, “We celebrated three times on that day. Once at the ground after beating Jersey in 26 overs, then on the bus back to the hotel when we found out that the crowd had stopped play at the USA v Nepal game, but being reassured of promotion, and again in the hotel room when Nepal TV had announced that Singapore had made it through to the final.”

In the end, an ICC representative came to their rooms and told them that they missed out on promotion by 0.004 in the net run rate calculation because the Nepal v USA match was reduced by 4 overs.

A veteran of the Singapore team, Mohamed Shoaib Razzak also added, “I can't believe it. We were so close and almost assured promotion and I am still trying to accept the reality that we did not make it through to Division 4. We thought we did enough to secure our promotion but it was not enough”.

Opening bowler Pramodh Raja also added, “It is really unfair that the crowd behaviour could change the face of the tournament and it is sad to see that one of the better teams have been punished by the event. Hopefully the ICC will promote all 3 teams to Division 4 as it would be better to benefit an additional cricketing country rather than putting them down”.

The general consensus among Singapore players is that there has been an unfair treatment towards them and its result has been very difficult to digest. There is no animosity towards the Cricket Association of Nepal or the Nepali team. In fact, Singaporean and Nepalese players were and still are friends on a personal level. The team is just holding on to a glimmer of hope that the ICC might intervene and some fair judgement could be worked out for the teams involved.

Mohamed Rizwan Nasir Madakia is a Singapore international player. He has played for Singapore 22 times, most recently at the 2008 ACC Trophy Elite. He has also represented his country at Under-15, Under-17 and Under-19 level.