It is difficult to know for whom to feel the more sorry: the Kenyans, who so maladroitly exited the T20 World Cup qualifiers in UAE, with only one win; or the Dutch, who having got the better of the Afghans on Friday, still did not make the final cut - by dint of losing heavily to Ireland on Saturday.

So Ireland and Afghanistan made it to Saturday's final and go through; and the Netherlands and Kenya - now a team of the past and no longer, seemingly, much of a prospect for the future - go head-to-head in a brace of ODIs and, of more relevance, a four-day Intercontinental Cup match in Nairobi this coming week.

All the games will be played at the now semi-ramshackle-looking Gymkhana stadium - no doubt in front of pitiful crowds, as was the case when the Scots visited a fortnight ago.

Kenya's home Intercontinental Cup defeat to Scotland left the Scots - another painful bunch of failures at the T20 World Cup qualifiers - still out ahead at the top of the table.

The Dutch will be wanting to do something about that; while the Kenyans, who made a brave fist of drawing in Ireland last July and went on to wallop Canada soon after, will be looking to restore some of their pride - ahead of a meeting with Afghanistan in Nairobi later in the year.

The T20 World Cup exit will have been all the more galling for the Dutch after their heroic display in beating the English on their home turf in the opening game of last year's competition.

Ireland always seemed likely to qualify for the finals, and now it will be up to the Afghans to show what they can do in their first real test in a competition with the big boys in the West Indies in May.

One can only wish them well. Once it was Kenya, now it's Afghanistan.