On the face of it, Thursday's announcement by Sport Ireland of the development at Abbotstown should have been a cause for joy.

However, the complete silence from Cricket Ireland tells its own story. The devil is in the detail, so perhaps Cricket Ireland are right to be totally underwhelmed. 

There was little mention of cricket in the various speeches - not many votes in cricket. But it is there in the plan. Item 35, a cricket stadium.

The first announcement came nearly five years ago, so the wheels of government move slowly. The timescale of 15-20 years and a total cost of the entire project of over 100 million euro means plenty of wriggle room and priorities.

Warren Deutrom has been very vocal in championing the cricket cause in recent times, but for now the main priorities for Sport Ireland at the Abbotstown complex are a new velodrome and badminton centre.

Cricket will have to wait its turn, and despite the recent successes on the world stage, cricket in Ireland is well down the pecking order and far from mainstream.

Worryingly, Minister Jack Chambers mentioned 'the business case will have to be examined' twice when he was questioned about the cricket stadium.

A World Cup in 2030 and the need for swift action if pitches are to be 'bedded in' in time cuts little ice with government, where the wheels of progress move slowly, if at all.