When cricketers reach the age of 40, they are usually thinking of retirement, not joining another club. But Nigel Jones has proven the exception to the rule.

Yesterday, Lisburn confirmed one of the sports worst kept secrets: that the CIYMS captain for the last eight years will be joining to help the defence of their Premier League title.

And, as Jones explained in his first interview after the announcement, it was the only club he was ever going to move to.

I tend to be someone who is all in or nothing, and I have been all in for the last number of years, but if I wanted to keep playing and at the moment I feel like I can and am still enjoying it and contributing something had to give and it was time out of the house, he said.

I have been in Belfast for 17 seasons while living in Lisburn, two minutes from Wallace Park, so it kind of made sense if I wanted to play at the highest club level, I had to have easy access to the family to link in with me at weekends.

I am in Wallace Park two, three times a week with the little one at the play park and my in-laws live a minute from the ground, so to see the family around the boundary edge is an appealing thing.

Jones also admitted that he has known all season that this would be his last year at CI.

I went into the season with the inkling that things were going to change, so I was always looking to make it a smooth transition, he added.

With CI, its been an amazing eight years and where they are now both on and off the field, its credit to everyone involved - and I played my own small part in that and thats something Im proud of - but if the change is to happen you want it to happen when they are at the top.

They have some good things in place and they allow me to move on.

The former Ireland international who played 34 times from 2009-2012 also finds himself joining the Premier League champions but, as the only captain to lead a team to back-to-back league successes in the last 10 years, he and Lisburn know it will be a huge ask.

Yes, Im joining a team which has had a taste of success, but they recognise there is still a lot of room for improvement the Irish Cup Final against CI was an example and I dont think Lisburn will go into the season with the pressure of defending the title, he explained.

"Theyll take it game by game, try to take confidence from this year and certainly wont be getting ahead of their station. Its going to be a tough ask to back it up, no matter who is in the side.

And despite starting the new season as a 41-year-old, Jones has no intention of calling time on his club career anytime soon.

Its definitely my last move but Im keen to commit to a few seasons, he insisted. I will try to play as long as I can but I am certainly looking beyond a year. Im looking two, three years, maybe even four depending on how the body is.

Music to the ears of the many loyal followers of Lisburn Cricket Club, who have been starved of success for so long.