There will be no Northern Ireland Women's team participating in the qualifying tournament for the 2022 Commonwealth Games.

Scotland last week announced their participation in the tournament next month, which is in Malaysia, although this is subject to confirmation and covid regulations.

A Northern Ireland men's cricket team played in the 1998 Commonwealth Games, famously beating Bangladesh, but there will be no representation from the province this time, under the current regulations.

"In essence, the Commonwealth Games rules in relation to a participating team having a minimum percentage of players in a participating team from that country of origin," said Richard Holdsworth of Cricket Ireland. 

"Our national women’s team being predominantly of ROI provenance (13/15) has counted against us fulfilling the criteria.

"It will be an eight-team event – the host plus six highest ranked women’s international teams on the T20 rankings plus an 8th team found via a short qualifying tournament. So we don’t currently qualify."