A guaranteed 27 One-Day Internationals against the top teams in the world, brings challenges and opportunities for Ireland Women. Are they prepared for it?

Rob O'Connor looks at what lies in store and his thoughts on what needs to be done.

Being added to the ICC Women's Championship will totally change Women's cricket in Ireland over the next three years. Time will tell if we are up for it, both on and off the pitch.

Here are some of the things that will change..

We go from playing four ODI games in three years, to playing 27 games between now and 2025. Presuming we don't start playing any of these until after the World Cup in March, that will be an ODI series every four months or so.

For us to put out a team that regularly, players will have to be fully contracted. Players will not be able to commit to this schedule while working part-time, or studying (like they do now). We will lose some players due to this.

Where's the money coming from for this?

Club cricket will have to become less reliant on international players, as they won't be available as much. Games must continue when Ireland are in camp. Players will be rested more and more before and after series.

There will need to be a shift towards 50-over cricket. This will be a big change, as club leagues and Super 3's has been mostly focused on T20 for the last number of years.

With an increased schedule, comes with it a need for larger squads, and a good system that feeds into the senior squad. This I feel will be our biggest challenge. We lack a lot of depth.

A Women's 'Wolves' team is a must. Now is the time for a Women's Director of Cricket. With proper full-time contracts and schedule, there needs to be somebody leading the way, who isn't being distracted by other issues. This should be a priority after the FT Contracts.

Better facilities is a must.

We will be hosting series, and also preparing for series. They have to be on grass, and they have to have regular access. With YM CA's Claremont Road not an option, which ground can be the new home for them?

Finally, there needs to a change in attitude towards the Women's game across the island, if we hope to stay at this level.

Clubs should be penalised if they don't have Girls or Women's cricket. All provinces should have Girl's leagues. More coaches in the Women's game etc..

We need to take advantage of this good luck that's come our way, and use it to push Women's cricket both on and off the pitch.

We might never get an opportunity like this again.