The North West Umpires and Scorers Association are reaching out to local clubs this winter ahead of the new-look domestic season planned for 2021.

Should covid restrictions have eased by next season there will be a big demand for officials and the NWU&SA are readying themselves to meet that requirement.

Training Officer Davy Caldwell has appealed to all clubs to nominate at least one member to sit this season's course.

(DW Caldwell) and Sai Sankar)

"There are plenty of changes happening next year but one thing that won't change is the demand for umpires" he said.

"We're not sure if we'll be allowed to meet up for the course in January/February 2021 but Dermot and Roly are happy to set up 'Zoom' classes if we need them.

"We'll be providing Stage 1 and Stage 2 courses which will give members all the training they will need to stand in North West league and cup matches.

"There will be no official exams at the end either- only a short informal assessment and anyone who has done the course previously will tell you how enjoyable and informative it is.

"Anyone looking to enrol can contact myself or any member of the NWU&SA and we would be delighted to sign you up to the classes free of charge."