Bangladesh have refused Cricket Ireland's invitation to play a T20 tournament in the UAE.

In a report on Cricbuzz, the request was refused by Bangladesh, who prefer to concentrate on re-starting their domestic cricket league.

Bangladesh had been due to tour Sri Lanka but that was postponed due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

The report stated that Ireland, Scotland and an unnamed third Associate were hoping to play in the tournament.

It was hoped that the Netherlands would also play, but they too had to decline the invitation from their fellow European sides.

A combination of Covid-19 fears/restrictions plus budgetary pressures led to the decision. The Netherlands have five rounds of the Super League scheduled for 2021 plus the T20 World Cup and are concentrating their resources on those.

Hosts UAE are an obvious candidate, but it's thought that stronger opposition is preferred.

(Trent Johnston celebrates getting a wicket against Bangladesh)

The Irish and Scots are keen to get T20 experience under their belts to aid their preparation for next year's T20 World Cup in India.

While it appears higher ranked teams such as Bangladesh are reluctant to play away from home in order to protect their rankings positions, other sides such as Oman, and Namibia may be possibilities.

Hong Kong, under Head Coach Trent Johnston would be another possibility for the Irish and Scots to consider.

The Asian side are back in training and could provide a solution for the Celtic nations.