Peter Thew has just completed a remarkable term as Cricket Leinster President. The highlight was of course the wonderful centenary season of 2019.

"The approach to become President of Cricket Leinster in their centenary year was totally unexpected." Thew told CricketEurope.

"The celebration of the centenary was a complete joy. From the meeting in the Central Hotel on the 100th anniversary, through the challenge match with Middlesex, the launch of the centenary book 100 NOT OUT to the centenary dinner in January was one celebration after another.

(Stella Downes and Peter Thew)

"I am extremely grateful to all those who helped me through that year - and the extra six months which had to be added on because of the covid outbreak.

"I'm happy to stand aside now for my good friend Stella Downes to take over the reins.

"I have absolutely no doubt that she will be a great President and I can only hope that she enjoys herself as much as I have done."