There's a new book on Irish cricket hitting the bookshelves this month with author Roy France publishing 'An Ulsterman in the West Indies'.

The book is a fan's eye view of Ireland’s cricket exploits in 2020, with Roy originally having planned to travel and attend every Ireland game in the Caribbean, India, Zimbabwe and England but ended up just going to the West Indies due to covid-19.

The book also covers how the Belfast man discovered and fell in love with cricket and his playing and watching “career”.

The books doubles as a  travelogue around Barbados, Grenada and St Kitts mixed in with first-hand accounts of the games and experiences.

(An Ulsterman in the West Indies)

He also gives his thoughts on the games against Afghanistan and England albeit gleaned from the television coverage.

A review of the year is also included with him having interviewed Ireland Head Coach Graham Ford after the England series had concluded. 

The book is available on Amazon for Kindle at £3.99/ €4.31 with fans able to get a preview via the "Look Inside" feature.

About the author:

Roy France was born in Belfast in 1964, where he played for Cregagh and Civil Service. He moved to England to attend University and worked in Sheffield, where he scored a century in league cricket for Baslow.

This is his third book, having previously written about Glentoran FC and Sheffield FC.

He has also a book on rugby due to come out next month, featuring Ireland at the World Cup, entitled "An Ulsterman in Japan".