The KNCB has tweeted confirmation that its domestic competitions will get underway this coming weekend, with all divisions playing the originally-planned format – 50-over matches in the Top-, Hoofd- and Eerste Klasse, and 40 overs elsewhere.

It is understood that there was a division of opinion over whether the longer formats should receive priority, or whether the 2020 season should consist entirely of Twenty20 competitions, with a large majority of clubs and the national coaching staff favouring the former.

The KNCB announced early in the crisis that there would be no promotion or relegation this year, but it now appears there will also be no national or divisional championships at stake. It will be only the fifth time since 1891, and the first since 1945, that there is no Dutch champion.

The Topklasse fixtures for Sunday, 5 July are:
ACC vs HCC at Het Loopveld West
HBS Craeyenhout vs Punjab Rotterdam at Craeyenhout
Dosti Amsterdam vs VRA Amsterdam at Sportpark Drieburg
Excelsior ’20 Schiedam vs Sparta 1888 at Thurlede
VOC Rotterdam vs Voorburg at Hazelarweg

The announcement of the arrangements for the season, placed on the KNCB website on Wednesday, confirms that there will also be a T20 competition for Top- and Hoofdklasse clubs, to be played on Friday evenings or Saturday afternoons.

Special regulations will apply, such as maintenance of a 1.5-metre social distancing order, except in certain situations such as the keeper standing up to the stumps, and the disinfecting of the ball and players’ hands at every drinks break.

The home club will be required to appoint a Coronavirus Director, who will be responsible for ensuring that players and spectators observe the protocols.

Government guidelines permit the opening of clubhouses and terraces from 1 July, but special arrangements will need to be made to ensure social distancing and the safe preparation of food and drinks. Should there be more than 250 spectators at a match – unfortunately a fairly rare occurrence these days – prior reservation is required.