The NCUís Domestic Directorate are expected to come up with a provisional match schedule for the season after the latest Zoom meeting with clubs this week.

The clear majority was for a T20 league competition with the eight Premier League sides playing each other once but hopes of the Challenge Cup going ahead appear unlikely with clubs reluctant to play the 133-year-old competition if it has to be significantly reduced below 50 overs.

The feeling remains Ė while sport awaits Government approval for a Return to Play Ė that the shorter the game the more chance it has of taking place with Saturday July 25 still the likely starting date.

As of yesterday morning, only eight of the NCUís 32 clubs had even been approved for a Return to Training.

The North West season is set to begin on the same date with proposals sent to clubs this week. It will be a T20 competition with the 16 teams split into four groups, the teams playing each other home and away.

The group winners will go into the semi-finals of the Senior Cup, the second place teams will play for the Faughan Valley Cup, the third place teams for the Sam Jeffrey and the fourth place team for the Eric Cooke Cup with Finals Day in September.

The National T20 Cup, between the four provincial winners, is also being planned to bring the abbreviated season to a finale.