Ed Joyce going out to bat for what was thought to be his last innings for Ireland in the ICC Trophy final of 2005 is the latest photo by Deryck Vincent to feature in our series.

The 2005 ICC Trophy, hosted in Ireland, was the first big tournament at which I took photographs.

I have no memory of how this came about other than the recollection having to sign ICC waivers and giving away all rights to the images.

It may explain why I can lay hands on only two photos from the tournament. It is one of those that is today’s subject.

The tournament was a great success, Ireland qualified for the 2007 World Cup and the rest, as they say, is history.

The final was played in Castle Avenue, Ireland v Scotland on a bright sunny day.

There was a party atmosphere, with both teams already qualified. There was however a sub plot, for the game would mark the last time Ed Joyce would play for Ireland before qualifying to play for England, a decision taken given his desire to play test cricket.

A sports photographer will rarely know what images they will take during a game, but this day I knew I wanted a picture of Ed.

He was batting at four that day, so I made sure I stayed close to the clubhouse.

I was not looking for an action shot but one that might indicate that this was the last time we would see him in an Ireland shirt.

Early Irish wickets meant that I got the picture without a long delay.

Of course there is a happy ending, for Ed came back.

It seemed to me quite right that he was the one who should score Ireland’s first test run and happily I managed to get that shot too.