Reports in the Australian media over the weekend are pointing towards a postponement of the T20 World Cup.

Ireland are due to play in the opening round of games against Sri Lanka on October 18th, where they are one of eight sides hoping to clinch a place in the Super 12 phase.

However, the prospect of arranging for 15 international squads and officials to join hosts Australia in the competition is a daunting prospect given the current pandemic.

It may be that the tournament is delayed until early 2021 to allow more time and the possibility of spectators being admitted - impossible if the competition sticks to its original four-week slot, due to be completed on November 15th.

An added complication is India preferring to concentrate on their own schedule and the money generating IPL.

It was due to start last month but was postponed. They are now eyeing hosting the tournament in the October slot.

If this happens then the ICC funds which rely almost primarily on global events will be severely impacted and as an obvious consequence the sums paid to members.

That could prove disastrous to many countries including Ireland, given the volatile situation.

Worrying times ahead.