The 2005 senior cup final was a fairly unique affair as it brought together two sides that had never won the trophy in their respective histories. Indeed but for Glendermott's heavy defeat at the hands of a Kamran Akmal- inspired Limavady just two years earlier, neither they nor Ballyspallen even had a place in the final to their names to that point.

To be fair to them, both teams had enjoyed very good seasons in the top division that year- the Rectory side winning 11 of their 18 league outings with the Roe Valley outfit just two points behind them at the end.

Their respective paths to the final had been competitive enough with Glendermott chasing down Bready's 193 in the semi final at the Rectory courtesy of a match-winning 74* from Mark Mooney.

'Spallen pulled off something of a shock in the other semi-final to beat Limavady at the John Hunter Grounds. Decker Curry's 96 had helped the home side post 194 before an unbeaten 80 from Nigel McElwee saw the Bridge Park men over the line with 6 wickets and an over to spare.

And so to the decider at Eglinton, set against a bittersweet backdrop for the Waterside team who had lost their popular President, Freddie Heaney, at the start of the season.

Runs were hard come by first up as they can often be at the village. Batting first, Ballyspallen were restricted to just 145 all out- an innings that took 46 overs to put together. Jaideep Narse top scored with 48- Mooney and Gary Neely sharing the honours with the ball as they took 3 wickets apiece. Gregory McElhatton bowled as well as anyone to pick up 2-24 from his 10 overs.

Glendermott didn't find things much easier themselves in reply until 'Wee Bob' stepped up and played possibly the innings of his life to make 82. Stevie Dunn bowled well to claim 3-41 and Ivan McDaid chipped in with 3-16 off 8 balls right at the end as Glendermott threw everything at it for a total of 208- a lead of 63.

'Spallen needed something decent to give themselves a fighting chance, but although several batsmen got starts in their second dig, Narse's 35, Ricky McDaid (32) and a late 25* from Jason Scott was the best of their 210 all out. Mooney was again to the fore as he picked up 4 wickets with McElhatton adding 3 as Glendermott were set 148 to win the cup for the first time.

It's at times like this when you need your overseas player to step up and in Pravajan Mullick, the Rectory men had a guy who could play. If memory serves, he could also start a row in an empty house, but there can be no argument that he made it his business to win the cup.

Mullick (pictured above) smashed an unbeaten 96 that ripped the game away from 'Spallen and with Robinson chipping in with another 26, the deed was done. Glendermott lost just 4 wickets on their march to victory with Ricky McDaid picking up 3 of those.

Skipper Garth Watson cut an emotional figure as he was presented with the famous old trophy as Glendermott dedicated their win to the late Freddie Heaney.

In most cases, when a team wins the senior cup you're pretty much guaranteed a party, however events at the Rectory in the hours and days following their success have gone down in folklore.


Garth recalls how Alan Dougherty's son John had brought a pick up to the bottom of May Street as the players arrived back from Eglinton with the cup.

Everyone piled into the back for an open top parade which went up May Street, down Pine Street and back up Bonds Street to the Rectory.

Now for those of you who know that area, the Rectory is first left at the top of May Street so you'll be wondering why the detour down Pine Street. "

Aww right, I should explain that..." said skipper Watson.

"Gordon Montgomery was giving directions and Charlie Elder who had left us and joined Brigade, was living in Pine Street.

"You know our Goofer....never one to miss an opportunity!"

Once safely at the Rectory, the party began. Quite how long it went on is the subject of many a debate but the captain says eight days, so I'll go with that.


Glendermott beat Ballyspallen by 6 wickets

Eglinton, 29-30 July.

N McElwee                   b Neely  0 
J Narse         c Thompson b Mooney 48 
G McDaid                  b Mullick  4 
R McDaid               lbw b Mooney 16 
N Thompson st Ferguson b McElhatton 10 
K Hunt          c Ferguson b Mooney  6 
I McDaid     c Mullick b McElhatton  2 
St Dunn                     b Neely  7 
J Thompson                  not out 17 
J Scott                     b Neely  6 
Si Dunn                  b Thompson  7 
  Extras            (4b 8lb 3w 7nb) 22 
  Total               (45.4 overs) 145 

FOW:  1-1   2-13  3-70  4-87   5-101
      6-101 7-107 8-119 9-135 10-145 

G Neely         10-3-38-3
P Mullick        8-3-16-1
J Thompson     7.4-1-18-1
M Mooney        10-1-37-3
G McElhatton    10-2-24-2 

G Watson      c Si Dunn b R McDaid  2 
P Mullick            lbw b St Dunn 14 
D Robb        c Thompson b St Dunn  2 
J Thompson    c Thompson b Si Dunn 24 
R Robinson     st Scott b I McDaid 82 
M Mooney         c Hunt b Thompson 12 
G Montgomery             b St Dunn 17 
S Montgomery   st Scott b I McDaid 21 
G Neely           c and b R McDaid 13 
M Ferguson      c Narse b I McDaid  1 
G McElhatton               not out  0 
  Extras              (5b 2lb 13w) 20 
  Total              (49.2 overs) 208 

FOW:  1-17  2-20  3-26  4-74   5-98
      6-138 7-187 8-207 9-208 10-208
R McDaid        10-2-45-2
St Dunn         10-2-41-3
G McDaid        10-2-36-0
N Thompson      10-2-25-1
Si Dunn          5-0-24-0
J Narse          3-0-14-0
I McDaid       1.2-0-16-3

N McElwee                  run out  4 
J Narse      c Watson b McElhatton 35 
G McDaid   c Ferguson b McElhatton 24 
R McDaid   c Thompson b McElhatton 32 
N Thompson c S Montgomery b Mooney  5 
K Hunt         c Robinson b Mooney 25 
I McDaid                   b Neely  7 
J Thompson                b Mooney  3 
St Dunn    c G Montgomery b Mooney  0 
J Scott                    not out 25 
Si Dunn   c Mullick b G Montgomery 21 
  Extras         (12b 2lb 11w 4nb) 29 
  Total              (46.1 overs) 210 

FOW:  1-20  2-65  3-67  4-106  5-106 
      6-147 7-154 8-154 9-164 10-210 

G Neely         10-2-32-1
P Mullick        8-0-34-0
G McElhatton    10-0-39-3
J Thompson       7-0-57-0
M Mooney        10-1-24-4
G Montgomery   1.1-0-10-1 

G Watson       c Scott b R McDaid  2 
P Mullick                 not out 96 
D Robb         c Narse b R McDaid  0 
J Thompson     c Scott b R McDaid  0 
R Robinson                run out 26 
M Mooney                  not out  4 
  Extras             (4b 3lb 15w) 22 
  Total      (4 wkts, 26.5 overs) 150 

FOW:  1-27 2-48 3-48 4-140 

R McDaid      8.5-3-33-3
St Dunn         5-0-46-0
N Thompson      4-1-25-0
G McDaid        2-0- 8-0
Si Dunn         4-0-18-0
J Narse         3-0-13-0