Although there is as yet no sign of the Lockdown ending the NCU has been considering what sort of season 2020 could look like given a commencement of cricket in late June or early July.

The priority they set themselves was to ensure meaningful cricket without burdening clubs with games every Saturday & Sunday - for that reason the 18th July is seen as the latest possible for the full programme competitive cricket to begin.

Clubs have been asked to comment on these options in addition to the proposals for restructuring the Senior Leagues for 2021.

Events have overtaken cricket already this season and may do again but it makes sense to have plans in place.

In summary the options issued for Clubs’ comments are:

  • Challenge and Junior Cups to proceed as normal; Intermediate, Minor (Lindsay) and Minor Qualifying Cups cancelled;
  • All Leagues to be played on basis of playing opponents once; Trophies to be awarded but no promotion or relegation;
  • No league rearrangements, but one 20 over rearrangement in Challenge & Junior Cups;
  • T20 Cup to proceed on two group basis but only play opponent once;
  • T20 Trophy and Shield to proceed on existing knockout basis;
  • Midweek League cancelled (Clubs could play friendly fixtures if desired);
  • Women’s cricket: Challenge Cup to proceed and one round of fixtures in Premier League and Senior League;
  • Aim to have the season end by mid- September

General Secretary to take views of clubs on proceeding with Junior Leagues 8 and 9. (it was felt that ground and player availability may become an issue)

The options regarding Youth Cricket envisage trying to complete the Quoile, Banogue and Graham Cups but there would be no Under11/13/15 leagues with fixtures to be organised locally by clubs as friendlies.

The situation regarding the Irish Senior and National Cups would require further discussion with Cricket Ireland.