A look back to 2002, when we featured Low and High Scores in NW cricket.

Barry Chambers
3 February 2002

Following a recent enquiry from Gregory McGlynn about the now defunct Loughnease Cricket Club, I stumbled upon the fact that they hold a rather dubious distinction in the annals of North West cricket history. On May 9th 1959 they were dismissed for the paltry total of just three! Their opponents that day were Creevedonnell for whom Marshall Williamson took 6 for 1 and Billy McClintock 2 for 2. What is more remarkable is that all three runs were scored by the Loughnease opener C McNamee. I have reproduced the full scorecard below.

C McNamee    c B Dougherty b M Williamson  3
P McCafferty          bowled M Williamson  0
A McLaughlin                      run out  0
H McGettigan          bowled M Williamson  0
P McNamee             bowled M Williamson  0
V McCafferty                      run out  0
E Devine              bowled B McClintock  0
T McGettigan          bowled M Williamson  0
F Devine              bowled M Williamson  0
M McCafferty          bowled B McClintock  0
E Crossan                         not out  0
  Total                       (9.4 overs)  3

M Williamson   4.4  3  1  6
B McClintock     5  3  2  2

M Williamson                      not out  3
D Caldwell                        not out  2
  Total                          (0 wkts)  5

The rest of the Creevedonnell side that day were I Dougherty, B Kennedy, J Burke, T Jeffrey, N McDonald, B McClintock, G Dunn, W Doherty and J Doherty.

To my knowledge this is the lowest scored recorded in North West competitive cricket. At Senior level the lowest recorded score I can come across is 8 scored by Dungiven against St Johnston in 1925. That same year St Johnston dismissed Ardmore for 9 runs in the Senior Cup with W Quigley taking 5 wickets for 2 runs. On the same day at Duncreggan Sion Mills put out City of Derry for 11 runs also in the Senior Cup. Andy McFarlane took 5 wickets for 7.

In 1949 also in the Senior Cup Donemana dismissed Strabane for 12 runs in the Senior Cup, with WJ McGonigle taking 6 wickets for 2 runs, and Alec McBrine 3 for 8. Earlier that year Donemana had been bowled out for just 20 with the legendary Scott Huey taking all ten wickets for ten runs. Donemana also figured in 1959 when they bowled out St Johnston for just 11 with Alec McBrine picking up 7 for 7 and W McBrine 2 for 2.

In more recent times Ardmore famously collapsed for just 17 in the 1998 Senior Cup Final against Brigade for whom Mark Simpson and Gregory Wilson took 5 wickets each. This was revenge for Ardmore bowling out Brigade for their lowest score in Senior Cricket of just 16, although this was back in 1932. Bobby Baird and W Adams doing the damage. In 1970 Marshall Williamson who had been responsible for the destruction of Loughnease in 1959 helped Brigade skittle the mighty Donemana for just 16 runs. He took 5 for 9 and was aided by Davy Todd with 3 for 6.

Not quite as bad was the capitulation of Limavady in the 1990 final when chasing 172 for victory over Eglinton they were skittled for just 29. Crawford Martin took 6-15 and Hendy Wallace 4-13.

The lowest score ever recorded in a Senior Final was however recorded by City of Derry who, needing 23 for victory, made only 12 against Sion Mills in 1914. In 1967 City of Derry also were dismissed for just 18 against Strabane.

In 2000 Burndennett were bowled out for 16 against Ardmore for whom opening bowler Gerard Brolly had the remarkable analysis of 8 wickets for 6 runs. Have any of you any memories of these games or do you know of any lower scores which have been recorded?

Incidentally the highest score in Senior cricket which I can find is 460 made by Brigade against Limavady in the Senior Cup in 1976. Former Irish president Roy Torrens hit 154 which included 10 sixes and 13 fours. Strabane also made over 400 in the Senior Cup scoring 448 for 4 with West Indian Ahmed Proverbs hitting 168 against Donemana 2nd XI.

Ed's Update: Brigade's high score was subsequently overtaken by Ballyspallen who scored 476 against The Nedd with Jaideep Narse and Nigel Thompson both scoring centuries. Scorecard below.

Senior 2: Ballyspallen v The Nedd
Senior 2 2004
Ballyspallen v The Nedd
13 June 2004
Senior 2
Result: Ballyspallen won by 286 runs
Toss:    Ballyspallen
Notes: Record NW Score achieved by Ballyspallen overtaking 460 by Brigade and 464 by Fox Lodge II
J Narse            ct J Murray b G Smyth  179   D Canning            10    0    34    1
N Mc Elwee       ct J Murray b D Canning    0   J Murray             10    0    76    2
N Smit             ct D Magee b J Murray   24   V O Hara              7    0    83    0
N Thompson         ct V O Hara b D magee  164   D Mc Michael          3    0    44    0
S Mc Closkey       ct G Smyth b J Murray    2   G Craig               4    0    48    0
K Hunt                           not out   28   G Smyth               8    0    88    1
J Scott                          not out   55   A Campbell            3    0    53    0
                                                D Magee               5    0    30    1
  Extras          (b , lb , nb , w , p )   24
  Total             (5 wkts, 50.0 overs)  476
G Smyth           ct J Scott b R O Neill   21   R O Neill             7    1    25    1
M Magee              ct sub b N Thompson    4   K Hunt                1    0    18    0
A Campbell   ct A Chapman b S Mc Closkey   24   N Thompson            6    5     2    1
J Murray     ct A Chapman b S Mc Closkey    1   J Narse              10    3    28    2
G Craig     ct N Mc Elwee b S Mc Closkey   20   S Mc Closkey         10    0    90    3
D Mc Michael      ct R O Neill b J Narse   24   N Smit                2    0    14    3
D Canning            ct N Smit b J Narse   16   J Thompson            1    0    12    0
V O Hara          ct N Thompson b N Smit   48                                          
J Murray Jnr      ct N Thompson b N Smit   27                                          
Da Magee                         not out    1                                          
De Magee                   bowled N Smit    4                                          
  Extras          (b , lb , nb , w , p )    0
  Total            (all out, 37.0 overs)  190