Former NW Chairman and Cricket Ireland President Joe Doherty selects a NW lefties XI.

The region has been blessed with some mercurial left-handed batsmen and left-arm bowlers down through the years.

Almost all of the below are also strong candidates for the overall all-time NW team. Thatís how hard it is to come up with an all-time XI.

NW Lefties:

  • Scott Huey
  • Decker Curry
  • Wm Porterfield
  • Cyril Ward
  • Ian Rankin
  • Stephen Smyth
  • Mark Gillespie
  • Raymond Moan
  • Billy Millar
  • Junior McBrine
  • Andy McBrine
  • John Flood
  • Vic Craig
  • Leslie Jack
  • Marshall Williamson
  • Alan Jeffrey
  • Paddy McLaughlin
  • Boyd Rankin

Add in the out-and-out right handers:

Aubrey Finlay, Brendan Donaghey, Ossie Colhoun, Roy Torrens, Donald Shearer, Thomas Harpur, Andy McFarlane, James McBrine, Clarke Nicholl, Peter Gillespie, John Beattie, Craig Young.

Certainly would be a good tussle between the two squads.

Any odds, Tommy McBride?