Willie Dwyer and Cormac McLoughlin-Gavin come up with their Craic XI to challenge the NW selection of Lawrence Moore. They are off to the West Indies though rather than Kerry.

I was delighted to head up a selection team for a Cricket Leinster touring party to a Caribbean T20 tournament sometime in the foreseeable future. The criteria used by assistant selector Cormac McLoughlin-Gavin (Leinster Lightning/Leprechauns 2017 Tour of Amsterdam) and I were simple.

All players should be well known for their cricket ability but when the cricket is over, we need this squad to scale to an international level of recognition. Thus, a major support staff was selected to cover us for all eventualities.

Head of Everything: Heatley Tector, Dick Forrest and Alan Lewis. Their knowledge of former tours is unquestionable and ability to blag their way into a closed nightclub is unmatched.

Head of Anything: John Andrews, Matt Dwyer and Collie Byrne. Again, great touring men and their ability to blag their way out of the aforementioned nightclub could come in very handy indeed.

Head of Social Engagements: Miriam Grealey, Angus "Gus" Fleming and Steve McCarthy. I have seen these 3 in action after matches and their inclusion is vital to this tour's success.

Squad: Dave Langford-Smith 'Lanky' (C): Anyone who can get away with doing a Ferret dance after claiming a Pakistan opener's wicket in a World Cup must travel. Great man for telling a long joke even if itís just a short ďKnock KnockĒ one.

Max Sorensen Max E. Bru (Vc): Another shoe-in selection. A guy who could score 10 of the last ball is a handy addition to any squad. He specializes in final overs death bowling and no better man to throw the ball to when the opposition only need 31 off the last over.

Andrew Leonard: Again, shoe-in selection. Lenny, an internationally respected commentator is a much loved face around Leinster cricket. A great guy to tell a story on a wet day with an uncanny ability to fit in his own leg-spin exploits to live professional cricket. Remarkable achievement.

Finto McAllister: Finto like Lenny is one of most well-liked guys around (apart from the people who donít like him). He enjoys letting his guitar do the talking and one former selector has asked him to bat with it on 2 occasions unsuccessfully.

Barry McCarthy: This is the housewives pick. Legendary wind-up artist and muscles to burn. Former County cricket players are always handy to have.

Bobbo Forrest: Another "must include" even though he is batting 6. Bobbo's ability to get under his own team mate's skin before warm-ups will come in handy when the bouncers decide to turf one of us out of the nightclub.

Conor Kelly: "Polly" is a well known hater of drink and has been trying to rid our bars of drink for years. Also very handy to know that someone is still out at 4am keeping the flag flying. Longevity is vital on these tours.

Ehtesham Ahmed: "Shammie" is a seasoned tourer and will bowl all day for you. An MCC member (not that he would tell you) is a handy guy to have if there was to be a future tour of England featuring the long room of Lords on match day. The fact that this tour is not close to Lords might be a slight oversight by the selectors.

Alan Reynolds: Alan is another who can turn a drab night into a great night. His knack for remaining upright after midnight could stand to him and is more than capable of "having a swing" should things get heated.

Ben White: Whitey crashed onto our TVs 3 years ago while bowling in the park. He actually crashed onto the TV when Max hit one into the bar and knocked over the TV. Benís legendary humor will see him in good stead when himself and Lanky do the comedy hour on the 2nd night of the tour.

Tomas Rooney Murphy. We got a tax break for picking a ginger so Murph got the nod over a long list of gingers. Murphy speaks 4 languages English, Fingalize, Spanish and Portuguese. One of these must come in handy somewhere. Time will tell.

Kevin Oí Brien: World cup star and legendary Irish cricketer. The hero of Bangalore was a late selection to the group and a very welcome one. Kevy was unsure if he would be playing in the Big Bash or the IPL but luckily he decide to travel with us. India and Oz's loss is our gain. Will be important he keeps the autograph hunters at bay when they start pestering the squad at the wine mixer. This should give us a 3-4 hour window to refill the glasses.

Andrew Kavanagh: Kavo is the selectors' wild-card pick. Wild-card is a perfect title for him. A slow burner in the after match boat race but like a vampire, Kavo comes to life when the lights go dim. Be afraid, be very afraid.

There were many other players we could have selected but we had to draw the line somewhere and more importantly my dinner was going cold. Please note that safe distancing was used at all times during the selection process, apart from the one time we didnít.