All at CricketEurope are saddened to hear of Iain's passing which was announced overnight.

Iain was a former captain of Woodvale an honour he shared with his father Larry and older brother Stephen.

He is pictured here in possibly his last game of cricket, a BRA Old Boys v School match in 2017 where Iain, Michael, Stephen and Harry all featured.

Our thoughts and prayers are with his wife Jill, his sons Michael and Philip, brother Stephen and all the Warke and Gardiner families at this terrible time.

We reproduce here Iain's memories of his days at Woodvale as collected by Woodvale archivist David Scott, and published on his Woodvale Memories Facebook page:

"Next of Woodvale memories comes from past 1st X1 Captain Iain Warke. Seven in the back, helmets for Pro’s and run..RUN ..sorry. Read more to get a glimpse of Iain’s cricketing past.

Born on 23rd September 1963 Iain describes how he was introduced to cricket by his father Larry, in an ‘always encouraging’ and ‘never forceful’ manner. Iain’s family connection with Woodvale also spreads further to his brother Stephen and sons Michael and Philip. Indeed there maybe few families who can claim Woodvale 1st X1 Captaincy of father and both sons. Iain went onto answer the following questions."

List the clubs and teams you played for - One club man. Woodvale 1sts – 4ths and under age.

Your Dad and early years? - My dad used to take me to Woodvale to watch games from an early age. Unfortunately I never really got to watch him play - my only memory was of him being run out in his last ever Woodvale appearance and trudging back to the pavilion.

Dad introduced me to Raymond Browne who coached the under-age teams, I seemed to spend every Friday night, along with around 7 others, squeezed into the back of his VW Beetle driving to matches. Also on practice nights with Dad's surgery beside the ground meant he could drop me off and then take me home after practice.

Big school days? - for the 4ths but club cricket then was fitted in around rugby, schools cricket and exams. It was really only after finishing University that I devoted the time to cricket and indeed to Woodvale.

4th X1 day characters? - From my underage team days I graduated to the 4ths, encountering the likes of TD, Alfie, Wilson, Eddie, Dennis and several others whose names have escaped me or more likely I never knew. But all were encouraging and devoted to bringing younger guys like me through.

2nd X1 debut? - Making my debut for the 2nds, batting in the late order I came in to face my first ball and played a forward defensive to silly mid off - "NO", then I heard the scurry of feet and looked up to find J Gaw standing beside me shouting "run F*** ye run, sorry".

What are your memories of playing cricket? - Memories are many: the wins, the losses, the characters - on and off the field. Playing with people who I had grown up watching and admiring. Playing for the 2nds and 3rds with the then senior players: Ken Kirkpatrick, Wilson Scott, Raymond Browne, Adrian Erskine etc

As an 18 year old, making my debut for the firsts as a batsman and not being required - I was batting at number 8 behind 4 internationals and two inter-pro players! The years under Davis- more a memory than a highlight - but brilliant all the same. Trips away - Dublin, The North West and Ayr.

Not being mentioned in an article, written by a club member, entitled "The Warkes of Woodvale" the year after I captained the club and represented it for UlsterTown! I guess this is as a result of the International success of other family members. The "Old" characters around the boundary on a Saturday, consoling, criticising, encouraging, calling me Stephen.

What were your highlights of playing cricket? - Highlights were fewer: Scoring my first (and only) century in a partnership of over 200 with some guy called Scott for the thirds! Scoring 90+ not out on 3 consecutive Saturdays for the Seconds and not getting another century nor being promoted to the Firsts! Winning the Junior Cup, eventually getting runs for the firsts. The cup final against North Down was an obvious highlight as were all Ireland Cup quarter and Semi finals. Being able to play with both my sons.

Who were the big characters you remember? - Boy has Woodvale had some characters over the years. Club members such as Jackie Gaw, Ian Gourley, Graham Crothers, the Godfreys, Johnstons, Houstons, Tunnahs and Reynolds to name a handful. I could go on and on.

Fund raising in those days? - I remember regular Bar-Be-Ques.

Supporter Stories? - Many - but no tour talk!

Any stories about particular matches including any stories of games that victory was grasped from jaws of defeat? - More often it seemed to be defeat grasped from the jaws of victory but I will always remember the Cup Semi Final against Lurgan, Akram was well set, wickets falling at the other end. I came in to face Alan Donnelly the Australian quickie on a very hard bouncy Pollock park wicket. He fizzed 3 or 4 passed my ear so Akram called for a helmet, he fizzed another past my ear - I turned to Davison the boundary - I'll have a helmet too -- sorry none left ! -- Akram played beautifully at the other end - I danced for survival but a final place was secured.

Practice? - In my senior career, Woodvale had a vast array of great and experienced cricketers who should have been used in coaching roles to a greater extent. Advice was always plentiful either from within the changing room or from around the boundary, but actual coaching of technique was rarely available. Nets were where you batted and bowled not where you learnt what you were doing wrong and what you should do right. In later years we also tried to actually improve our fitness - but old dog and new tricks I am afraid!

What was expected of you as a player? - Turn up and bring sandwiches !

If you had to do it all again would you change anything? - Yes I would have devoted more time to cricket. I always gave rugby priority, meaning I was late back to playing cricket or early to finish the season. If I had the chance to have my cricket career again I would love to be able to give it 100%, I always did this in matches, but practising was usually less intense, less focused and less often than it should have been. As a junior cricketer I should have listened more to the advice I was offered regarding technique. Nevertheless I thoroughly enjoyed my cricketing days and the characters I came across at Woodvale.