Leinster professionals 1986-2012

There have been many fine overseas cricketers who have visited, played and coached within the Leinster leagues over the past 25 years.

Selecting the best ‘Overseas X1' is virtually an impossible task however with much thought and reflection on those I have played both with and against I have come up with the following.

For the purpose of this article, players who started as professionals in Leinster but who stayed on and have since played for Ireland are not included.

Most, if not all of the following would have made an ‘Overseas X1'.

Bray, Masood, Shaukat, Johnston, Strydom, Sorenson, Anderson, Langford Smith, Botha etc

So, excluding the above, my side, in batting order is as follows:












Some top cricketers listed here. Quite a few others were very close to selection and hypothetically were a game to be played, why not select the following X1 as the opposition!

*Has since progressed to become a Test player.