The NW will have a new senior club in the Union this season with the announcement that Letterkenny have been admitted.

The Donegal side played in the Derry Midweek League in 2019, and acquitted themselves well including hard-fought local derbies against St Johnston - the first all-Donegal clash in over 25 years.

While Letterkenny played their home games at the Boathole last season, they have agreed for the forthcoming campaign to have Drummond as their base.

It's a slight concern to have your home base 64km away (40 miles in old money), but it's believed to be a temporary measure until a suitable venue in Donegal can be found.

The club will start the season in the Qualifying Two League when it gets under way next month. Confirmed fixtures are currently being compiled and expected to be released shortly.

At a time when clubs are folding, it's welcome news and we wish them the best for the season ahead.